A Few of My Favorite Things

By Shana Goff


It’s starting to get that time of the year when our clothes become lighter and our skin gets darker. Where there is a deep settling within our souls of a more relaxed way of life. With even as active as my life tends to stay on a daily basis, I find that during this time of the year I am led with a gentler sense of myself.

I’ve come across some things that have made my  want list…my birthday is coming up soon! It’s right around the corner…3 months away! 🙂

 This lovely needs to find its way into my closet very soon! I absolutely adore this Olive & Oak lace shirt dress. A classic white dress never goes out of style and can be fashioned int many different ways! Did I mention it is on sale?

I can never have too many little black heels. I have a hard time justifying many things, black shoes is not one of them. Loft has these delicate beauties, and I’m seriously crushing over them!

Have you ever heard of Kelly Moore bags? I live out of my purse, honestly, it’s more like a luggage bag. So, I have to make sure what I carry can carry not only all my stuff but the littles as well. The Esther bag shown here is the one I’ve mentioned to the hubby. All the colors are beautiful, but caramel is more my style.

For a fun idea, what do you think of this tee? Love the camouflage, as I feel most days I’m in the trenches of Motherhood. What a light hearted, fun way to drift through the spring/summer months.

May this beautiful time of the year welcome you with the delights of your heart. Enjoy the lighter pace of life!