DIY Family Chalkboard Calendar

I have been wanting to create a Goff family calendar for awhile now in order to help our family stay better organized in schedules. It proves to be more challenging with 2 toddlers under the age of 3 to get any simple item checked off my to do list. So, it was not any different with this project. At times, it became a thought to just purchase one already made up but then the reality of the sticker shock reeled me back in to do a DIY. There is no way I can justify purchasing this for well over $100 when I can do it myself for under $15.

I searched everywhere for a background frame that I could brush over with chalkboard paint. I found a gem at Hobby Lobby for $13 that had already been painted with chalkboard but had an unfinished wood trim. It was perfect, and I couldn’t agree more with the price!! I wanted the trim to be the exact same color as the crown molding and base boards in our home. This was perfect in allowing me to do that.

Step 1: Sanded down the wood frame to create a clean, smooth surface.

Step 2: Painted the wood trim giving it 3 good coats.

Step 3: Researched the different ways I wanted the layout and design of our calendar. Then began measuring and sectioning it off to create the format.

Step 4: Filled in the days of the week, dates of the month, the name of each month and then all of our commitments and scheduled events.

Step 5: Waited  for Goff to hang it! (This one took the longest!!) 🙂

I do not have much of an artistic gene inside of me, but I am happy with our final finished product!





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