Being Brave

“You wouldn’t be too terribly upset if I pawned off the littles, huh?”

This was a real life text message I sent the husband just yesterday. Take off the judgment glasses because we have all been there! As Ann Voskamp said, “Sometimes the bravest thing is showing up for your life everyday.” #Word

Anyways,it was ONE of those days! A day where overwhelming oppositions about shattered my calm place, and Mommy nearly came UNGLUED. I always use to pride myself on being patient, that was until I had my own children.

Should I tell you that my oldest was lacking in the sleep department, is fitting quite nicely in the outfit of the terrible 2’s, has the same number of major meltdown moments as there are hours in a day over the simplest of situations. Both boys have bronchitis, our youngest is teething, going through a major growth spurt, is in that ‘into everything’ stage, and seems to be a bit more on the emotional/clingy/ sensitive side this month….which translates into outbursts of his own. In this challenging season of Motherhood, where life is stretching me so thin that I am becoming anorexic in other areas that I’m passionate about.

Investing every moment of each day into my boy blessings I have no extra time or energy to fill my own bucket. Writing. Reading. Conversations. Connection. These are just a few things that make me come alive and feel like Shana…not Mommy. I matter. You matter. We have great and mighty purposes within us waiting to be exhaled to enrich others.

I came to this place recently one night. This place where sometimes you have to be raw with the realities of your life ~ scratching beyond the surface level of all your good intentions. As I quieted myself from all the chaos and calmed my mind to regroup my thoughts to hear His still, gentle whisper I asked for Him to start the process of stitching up the brokenness of my heart, during this season of what feels like climbing a mountain.

Opening the Word I knew Isaiah is where I would find comfort…turned to chapter 40 and began reading. I fell into verse 9 and stayed awhile. “Climb a high mountain, Zion. You’re the preacher of good news. Raise your voice. Make it good and loud, Jerusalem. You’re the preacher of good news. Speak loud and clear. Don’t be timid! (The Message)

When negativity surrounds your circumstances/situations and you become a clanging voice trapped inside, there is always hope for transformation into the new. When you are in a ‘climbing the mountain’ type of season, just remember the words and comfort of Isaiah 40:9.

“The brave are the ones who trace the inside of their everyday wounds and don’t grow hard.”   ~Ann Voskamp


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