On the Wild Side


On a recent Saturday morning jog, I began to notice the beautiful wildflowers that had started to bloom. Overnight, literally, these beauties came into view. I am a lover of all things beautiful and flowers are very high on my list. To much of my experience I have received these as a sign of love and admiration filled full in a vase of water. Yet, I started to think on ‘wildflowers’ as I was putting one foot in front of the other for the sake of health. I love the fact that these flowers are wild, meaning they were not intentionally seeded or planted. What made me savor these treasures even greater was they bloom in the most random, not on purpose kind of places. Wherever they land, they bloom beauty in the ordinary.

Pondering my own life, in that many days are ordinary and often times dull. With two littles under the age of 3, I tend to find myself following the same routines and schedules to make it through the day successfully. Mundane to say the least. Yet, this lesson of the ‘wildflowers’ comes to my mind and reminds me that there is beauty in each ordinary moment if I choose to bloom in the season of where I am planted. Dare I be….on the wild side!


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