It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Peering out the window and seeing the ground covered with a white blanket of…!!!??? Beautiful and peaceful nonetheless. Yet, after 5 days of being locked in the house with my 2 energetic littles has left me jumping for joy for a 40 degree high today! I do enjoy the SLOW changes in seasons, but I am not a fan of the deep, hard cold….that’s why I live in TEXAS!!  That’s right people, haven’t graced the outside world in 120 hours!! Roads, driveways, overpasses all blanketed by hard, white ice. The highs have hovered below freezing keeping the white frozen.

Pre parenthood, this girl would have been a brave soul out there trying to get to what was next on my list of to dos. Now I cringe with the thought of my little people being out in that mess. #GoingStirCrazy It has made my usually ‘on to the next thing to get done’ personality slow down to a snail’s pace. Can be exceedingly painful for this task oriented, schedule planner person!!  I have been able to get myself into the holiday spirit by putting up all the Christmas decor, which may prove to be a hazard (we’ll talk about that a little later). I have made about as many firefighter, ambulance and police siren sounds as this MomMom can muster. I have had many cups of coffee, hot cocoa and seasonal flavored teas to help me get through these very cold days. I have been listening to Christmas music enjoying a slower paced way of life. I have wrapped gifts and tucked them under the tree (again we will brace this ‘Christmas tree’ subject very soon). Laundry has been caught up and the house seems a bit more put together than normal. Wishing any tranquility that I’ve been able to instill in our home would deeply settle into this soul of mine before I come unglued of being blocked in by these walls that seem to consume me!



Yes, let’s talk about the Christmas tree. As you know, I have little people that make everything nice and lovely go higher up in the house, if not altogether put away. My 2 year old son is actually getting better about not getting into absolutely everything. It’s the ‘just turned 1 year old’ son that grieves me! He gets into anything that he can worm his hands around, pulls up on everything that  will/will not hold himup, puts everything in his mouth as he thinks all things are to enjoy by mouth. Well, actually, a lot of adults do that too…??  He is relentless. Insatiable.

My husband, aka Goff, and I have had the same conversation for over 2 weeks regarding whether or not we should put up the Christmas tree. Not because we didn’t want to  or that we were lazy, but because of the development state of each of our boys. We agreed to put the tree up, without decorations, and simply observe the littles. Again, my oldest has proven himself yet again by not really getting into it. He noticed it, asked about it and after being told about it…that was that. Every year he becomes more aware of what Christmas is and this year is going to be his best yet! The other little surprisingly did well. I gave him 48 hours before I decided to decorate the tree. Of course, while they were snug as a bug in their beds! This morning, of course, our oldest noticed it first. He said, ‘Christmas tree pretty!’ He walked around it a few times observing the ornaments with delight. The youngest stopped, looked at it, looked at me, smiled then DARTED towards it!!! You would think that he would be going for the limbs or ornaments, right?? No, this little boy went straight underneath for the cords!!!! Such a boy! So much so that I had to hide the cords within the tree, which proved grounds for a toddler tantrum. #NotGettingWhatHeWants  After about three screaming matches, distraction derailments, this MomMom resorted to hiding the cords within the tree and off the ground. Mission accomplished. Since the cords were gone, he went for the ornaments. So, the ornaments that were on the bottom have now inched their way up higher on the tree. Literally, the top half of the tree is decorated and very ornate while the bottom half is quite bare and dull.

I can’t imagine Christmas without a tree and desire my ‘beautiful mess’ of life to be normal, yet the little people always bring a different perspective in any and every situation!


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