A Setting for Two

This week in Proverbs 31 Ministries On line Bible Study, Renee Swope’s book A Confident Heart is my choice of topic. I dived into chapter 9 : When Doubt Whispers “I Can’t Stop Worrying.”  Boy did I find myself in the words written on the pages of this chapter.

One of the blog writing choices is ‘A Setting for Two’ ~ Share your favorite place to meet with Jesus for some alone time and tell us what sets it apart from other spaces in your home.

We live in a quaint two story home that houses many rooms. Yet each room does serve a purpose…the boys’ rooms, the media room, my husband’s work from home office, and the rooms continue to be named. I’m not really looking for a room to meet Him because His dwelling is within me, but I seek a calm, quiet space of time in which to enjoy His company. You see, I have 2 very small boys that wake up quite early and go non-stop until the sun goes down. I at times feel my alone time with God is intermingled with the chaos my ‘littles’ bring! On some days, I even feel as Renee Swope described it, ” …my God time seems like a drive thru instead of a 5 course meal.” Can I get an amen, young Mommas to the little people!

As I read the topics to choose to write on this week, I just began laughing as I read ‘A Setting for Two.’ God sure has a great sense of humor. This past weekend, I sold my ‘God chair’ as I called it. For the last decade it was where I would sit, drink my coffee, have conversation with the Lord, pray, cry, laugh and most definitely dream His visions for my life! I have many challenging and deep, yet beautiful memories in this chair as I’ve experienced a lot of ‘life’ during this past decade.


Meet my ‘God chair’…..



During my times with Him, I would pretend an escape to a coffeehouse in Europe. One like this:


Since He knit me together in my mother’s womb, knows every intricate detail of my heart’s desires (since He placed them there), He understands my need to do this. You see, I live in Texas, but my heart beats for Europe. So, I envision Him and I at a coffeehouse drinking our favorite lattes, spending time with each other, conversing hours on end with no other obligations other than to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.


How about you? Do you have a special place where you meet Him?


2 thoughts on “A Setting for Two

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your special place to meet God with us! I also have a chair that I often pray in and read His Word in. I think I’ll start calling it my God chair. This morning I sat in it with my feet on the ottoman and my space heater and blanket! I got all comfy with God and His Word! Stephanie Solberg OBS Group Leader

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