A Coffeehouse Chat


Sitting across from a dear friend in a quaint and rustic local coffee shop, we drank our ‘pretty’ coffee while we chatted in efforts to catch up in each other’s lives. You know those special type of friendships that grace your life that even though you haven’t seen the person in four months, you can immediately enter their world without skipping a beat. Yes, she is one of those blessings to me!

Coffee and conversation was our idea. God, of course, had His own greater plan! I was very excited when I had this chance to meet up with her as we both have very full days! She teaches the ‘little people’ of 6 years old at a local elementary, and I am a stay at home Mommy of two very sweet energetic little boys ages 2 and 1 which the words ‘me time’ are very few and far between. So of course, when the grandparents came in town I jumped on the chance to be able to get away for a bit. I had never been to this coffeehouse before, so we chatted a bit about what to get. We spoke about my husband and little boys, her work and individual activities she is involved with.

Then it just got all crazy up in there! As if God pulled up a chair right alongside of us and joined us for the last bit of our time together.

You see, my friend and I are in different seasons of our lives. She is single, not dating anyone and immersed in her work. She is a beautiful, loyal, committed, dependable, witty woman of God that loves the Lord! Beyond smart and extremely hilarious. She has a servant’s heart and is a natural leader. Most of her days start early and end late. A great core group of friends from her church is where she lets loose! Deep days fill her life as she moves forward in the monotony of her long season. A heart that desires to beat wildly in the promises that He has given to her. Content with Him, yet discontent withe desires still unfulfilled within.

I live in a similar, yet different season. I am a wife to a wonderful man of 3 years, a Mommy to 2 precious boys that I take care of 24/7. I know parenthood is a sacrificial life, yet with my boys being so young this is definitely a season of MUCH self sacrifice for this Mommy! Can I get an amen from the other Mommys of the little people?? My days start early and seem to never end, even when I put my head to the pillow. My schedule is built around the needs of others. I am a body guard to my youngest and a referee during playtime. Lack of sleep has left me with the idea that it is highly overrated. The constant clutter in my brain as well as doing what seems to be a million things a second, I tend to slip in remembrance that His presence graces those moments.  I have to remind my soul to slow down enough to breathe Him in, rest in Him and talk with Him knowing that even in the midst of trying to find meaning in the monotony of daily motherhood, HE IS HERE! Deep days fill my life as I move forward in this long, yet rewarding season. The desire for my heart to beat wildly in His promises He grafted into my heart, long ago, to come into fruition. Realizing it won’t be during this season. In these deep days, I am reminded that not only is character being built but through them the desire to transition into the next season is birthed.

In our conversation of where we are in our personal lives, this is where God put down his latte and took over our agenda! Something tugged fiercely inside that I knew had to be shared with her. As I took off my ‘everything is just wonderful’ mask, I shared with her that I find myself at times now ‘idolizing’ my single season in the sense that I look at all the responsibilities I have now with not much freedom for myself and envy that time in my life when I had no responsibility to anyone else but to myself. Selfish, I know right!!?? I could come and go as I pleased, wake up when I wanted, go to bed when I was tired, take a nap when needed, run errands by myself and those errands were based on my wants and needs. Do you want to know the best part of that single season, the freedom in my time with the Lord!! If I was in the ‘flow’ of conversation with Him, I could literally sit for hours reading, praying, journaling, worshiping…those were some of the most special memories of that season! I had the time to commit myself to what/where I felt Him leading me. Discontentment also filled spaces in my heart that desired a husband and family to call my own during my blissful ‘single’ season. As I shared these things with her, it hit me that no matter what season you may find yourself living in right now, there is beautiful chaos. The joys and happiness. The challenges and struggles. My last thoughts to her, and myself, were simply these words, “Don’t glamoroize a season of life that you think will ‘complete’ you as a beautiful mess awaits you there too!”

‘Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.’ ~Joyce Meyer


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