#PerfectLove ~ Isaiah 49:23

This week at Proverbs 31 Ministries, we have been asked to ‘verse map’ Isaiah 49:23 in our online Bible study. We are reading A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. I read another member’s blog as she referenced it as ‘verse explosion’!! Don’t you just love that!! Lord, let ALL your words not just be read, heard and said by me, but may they EXPLODE in my heart!!

‘Then you will know that I am The Lord. Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.’ ~Isaiah 49:23

This is one of the many verses of the Bible I want to get a cup of coffee, nestle into my cozy chair and stay awhile soaking in to. The first thing I notice in reading this is even though it is a promise of God, we have a responsibility as well. Hope in Him. In what I’ve read about ‘Hope’, it declares it as a feeling or thing,yet as I look deeper in this verse, it should be a person ~ Him! I would like to say that in every situation everyday in each moment I place my hope and confidence in Him. Unfortunately so I place it into other places, things and people at times. Doubts creep in, and as Renee stated so clearly ‘doubt and hope cannot live in our heart at the same time.’ Ouch! Ouch! Truth stepping on my toes. If I choose to entertain doubt and negative thoughts, hope will never enter my heart’s party. Just making a mental note that I must dig deeper in His truth to change my thinking in order to bring change within my feelings! Hope in Him!

I love how this verse states ‘you will KNOW I am the Lord.’ There is a huge difference in knowing something or someone as opposed to just hearing or seeing something or someone. He is not an acquaintance. He is to be known, understood on a daily deeper encounter. These type relationships have deep, hard, transparent, honest in your face open conversations!

Lastly, I desperately have good intentions to not hold expectations on any situation or person, yet I fail miserably! With that failure comes disappointment. When He tells me I won’t be disappointed and I let that promise find it’s way into my heart, there is an exhale of stress, tension and about 10 pounds of weight released! I don’t have to have it all together, figured out, a step by step plan or juggling all the balls. He’s perfect and I don’t have robe!

Shana, you will not be disappointed as we deepen our relationship and you know Me. Place your hope and confidence in Me!


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